stupid chocolate egg laying bunnies

1. My new elliptical kicked my ass tonight. I barely made it twenty minutes and I had to fight for that.

2. I have four chocolate cream cadbury eggs in the kitchen and I pretending they are not there.


the beginning

I’m off work this week, so I thought I’d start writing on my blog again. Fun for all, yes? I won’t even bother going into a detailed explanation about where I’ve been. Let’s just say I’ve been busy?

Sounds good.

I’ve gained back some weight, so I’m going to try to document that again. Weight loss is no game, fool. Got an x-box game for Christmas..Your Shape or something like that? I did it for all of fifteen minutes today and it whooped me bad. I’m also on Day One of no coke zero. I wish I could quit you, delicious beverage.

I would have been unhappy if my mother had done this to me

I had to call in sick to work today. I’ve got some sort of icky stomach bug. I’m really not that cool with having to use the public restrooms at work on a good day, much less one where the intestinal workings are in an uproar. I had some chicken soup for lunch and so far, I’m feeling fine. I’m now eyeballing a Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Sandwich that’s in the freezer but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea. Trying to resist that particular call.

By the way-If something ever, ever, EVER posesses you to eat some cool ranch doritos, followed by a twinkie and then a big glasss of orange juice? Trust me when I tell you that it’s a very bad idea. I did that a few weeks ago and I swear, I was the sickest I have ever been. All my morning sickness has been gone and that was like a dive back into some seriously unfriendly territory. Doritos do not feel good coming back up.

 We’re 20 weeks and 5 days today. I felt the baby move a week ago, Sunday. It’s been weirdest thing so far. It’s awesome and breathtaking on one hand and then just freaky on the other. On the awesome and breathtaking side, I am feeling my baby move. On the freaky side, it feels like I have a goldfish in my gut. I missed the fluttery, butterfly wing stage and went right to floppy and kicky. It’s definitely comforting to be able to feel something happening every single day, though. Nothing is strong enough for Arnie to feel yet, that is killing him. He’s very impatient and Goldie here seems to take after his daddy on the stubborn front. Anytime Arnie even looks at my stomach, the baby completely stops. It’s like he’s all squished in there, holding his breath and trying not to move. Then his Daddy gives up and he breaks into giggles and I feel him all over the place.

In other news, we’ve had some exciting developments with the pregnancy. Remember that whole, “We’re a boy and we’re so excited!” post? We’re still excited, we’re just not so sure it’s a boy.

We’ve had two ultrasounds say boy and the latest one said girl but all three have been done by different people. Got some time? Let me explain.

Ultrasound was done at 15 weeks, 5 days. This is where my regular ob was a little concerned that I might have a fun case of Placenta Previa. He sent me to radiologist clinic, where they have better equipment, to confirm. Also tells us that it looks like we’re having a little boy. To my untrained eye, it looks like a boy. Sideways view, not between legs.

Ultrasound #2 was done at 16 weeks, everything looks good. The placenta is a little low but don’t really think it’s anything to worry about for now. Will re-evaluate at later date. Technician also thinks it’s a boy. But she’s doesn’t really spend much time looking. Another sideways view. Spend afternoon at local mall, buying darling blue clothes with very excited mother-in-law.

Lead up to ultrasound #3. Call from Doctor B at 16 weeks, 6 days. Radiologist has gone over films and thinks there may be cysts on the baby’s brain and fluid on the kidneys. Very low chance but wants to send me to specialist to alleviate worries.

Ultrasound #3 at 17 weeks. Nothing to worry about. Brain and kidneys look great. Baby receives “A+” as far as he’s concerned. Oh, and he thinks it’s a girl. FINALLY get a picture. This time, it’s a between the legs shot.


I, myself? I cannot tell. I can’t tell shit from satin in ultrasound pictures. Either way: Baby, I am sorry for showing your business on the internet. It looks like it could possibly be the vulva? But it’s an underneath view, so it could also be testicles and the actual penis is pointing away. What do you think?

what? a month you say?

Okay, how on earth has it been a month since I posted last? It certainly doesn’t seem like time has been going by that fast. Honestly, I’m not nearly as good at this blogging thing as I thought I would be. I kind of suck. : )

We found out some exciting news on Monday. We’re having a boy! It’s funny because almost everyone that’s taken a guess has said they think we’re having a girl. But two ultrasounds this week-done by different people, both said it was a boy. Before Doctor B even asked if we wanted to know, I could already see. It was plainly obvious. Arnie is so proud, lol. I’m so content and so happy and so giddy right now.

I still haven’t gained any weight yet but the baby appears to be growing just fine. When you’ve had something like a gastric bypass and you’re not gaining weight, it’s kind of scary. Even though I know I eat enough..more than enough, really-I was still worried out of my mind. But Doctor B says that as long as I’m not losing weight drastically and the baby is still growing, then he’s not worried.

We did get a bit of a scare on Monday, though. The doctor thought the placenta was lying really low and was worried about that not clearing up before delivery. He sent us in for another scan at a clinic with better equipment and the tech/radiologist that did that one said that they didn’t see it being a problem. That technically they wouldn’t have even qualified it as “low”. I’m reassured and feeling much better about it. But that first time that you go home and Dr. Google tells you all about Placenta Previa, it scares the shit out of you. I’m still taking it easy when I can, not lifting anything heavy, etc, etc. We’ll have a follow-up ultrasound later just to confirm. I’m all about taking a peek at this baby whenever I can.

I cannot believe that we’re going to have a little boy. It still completely floors me that I am pregnant. That I’m a little over 16 weeks. That this baby is growing inside of me. That it’s half me and half Arnie and I just can’t believe how lucky I am. I’ve never been so thankful of anything in my entire life and I just wish I had the words and ability to express this.

I’m sorry. I giggle

When that first swishswishswish was heard, Arnie started laughing. He tends to do that when he’s nervous or excited.

He looked at the doctor, as serious as could be and said “I’m sorry. I giggle.”

He’s going to be the best daddy in the entire fucking world and I cannot wait to see that.